June 5, 2022

From Gerald R. Lucas

Day 1: to Red Springs, NC covid-19: day 799 | US: GA | info | act

  • Start: 29,093
  • End: 29,428
  • Miles: 335

Well, that was good time. I left a little after 08:00—after waking up at 04:30 (!)—and I stopped once[1] east of Columbia, SC to get gas and have a granola bar. I pulled into Walter’s just after 14:30.

The BMW R 1200 GS ran flawlessly. It’s strong and agile, even carrying 100 extra pounds of shit. However, even though I figured out quite a bit of the Garmin Bootcamp, the GPS was still quirky. I actually had to stop and manually put in Walter’s address, as, for some reason, it reset my programmed route and would not let me restart it. Weird.


I wish I had more to report, but the journey was pretty uneventful. I guess that’s a good thing. Traffic was light and generally free of the usual dipshittery. I followed this Subaru Outback with a Jersey tag for a while on the Redneck Parkway.[2] The weather was nice through most of the ride, only hitting 80° after noon. It did climb close to 90°, but I was never really hot. The new riding gear performed admirably.

I got a bit tired on the last fifty miles of this leg, but did well. In all, a good first day. Tomorrow I’ll finally get to some new roads and a long bridge/tunnel.


  1. OK, that’s not technically true: I left with only about a gallon of gas in the tank, so I had to fuel-up in Milledgeville. I’m not really counting this, since it took all of ten minutes.
  2. It’s called the Fall Line Freeway, and I hate it.