December 3, 2022

From Gerald R. Lucas

To my 1101 Students

What a semester. My congratulations to those of you who stuck it out. It's been a few years since I taught this course, and in traditional fashion for me, I think I overworked you. My apologies on that. Like a bad manager at Hardee’s, I feel like you should be working all the time, and I think I just put too much on you.

The purpose of ENGL 1101 is to teach you to be college writers. That is: to write competent essays for the college classroom. I think that if I just keep this in mind when designing future sections of 1101, we all would be much better off. While I still think the LitWiki assignment has particular merit in these times, it might have been too much. Here’s my feedback for the overall project:

Likewise, perhaps the journal was too much? The idea was to have you practice writing about texts each week. Perhaps this could be done in-class in the future, with more targeted prompts that emphasized critical analyses of the assigned readings and led more directly to formal essays. I think many of you weren’t sure what to write, even after our classroom discussions about the material.

Fear not: if you made a concerted effort on all the assignments, you should pass the course. I believe this is most of you who stuck it out. Please enjoy your long holiday. Perhaps I’ll see some of you next semester in 1102.