December 9, 2022

From Gerald R. Lucas
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Ride to Dublin

Friend and “Big Wallo” // Leica M8 // Nokton Classic 1.4/40

I’m not sure what my deal was today, but I was totally uninspired by Dublin. My lunch was great, but I could find nothing I wanted to photograph afterward. Here’s my best shot: this is “Big Wallo” (right) and friend.

Yesterday when the weather was stunning, Giles and I decided to take a ride. Unfortunately, the weather today was nothing like yesterday: overcast, foggy, and cool. When I went out to get the BMW R 1200 GS ready, I stopped short wondering if I really wanted to do this. We were not supposed to get rain until later in the afternoon, so I decided I need to put my big-boy adventure motorcycle pants on and hit it.

I met Giles at 11, and we headed to Dublin, about 50 miles southeast of Macon. The ride began cool, but I was layered, so remained unbothered. As we rode toward Dublin, the clouds began to give way to blue skies and sun—and I might have smiled a few times as I enjoyed the new road Giles found. At this point, I was glad to be riding.

We dined again at Company Supply, and I had a crawfish PoBoy. It was pretty good, though the tots ($1.50 upcharge) were my favorite. After, we walked around Dublin to take some photos. I really have nothing to show.

After, I knew the rain was coming in from the northwest, and I suggested going home via Cochran, but Giles had another route he wanted to take: north to GA-57, then west to Macon. I was wary of rain, but agreed. So, we drove right into rain. It was fairly light, but my helmet and bike are a mess now. And apparently, the large trucks also like GA-57, so we got stuck behind several. I know it sounds like I’m bitching, but I did have a nice ride. If a bit of inclement weather can deter me from riding, I don’t deserve a GS.

Have a good weekend, all.