August 18, 2022

From Gerald R. Lucas
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Happy Birthday to Me!


Out today, the Times Literary Supplement, one of the longest running and highest circulated literary periodicals in the world, has published an excerpt from Norman Mailer’s Lipton’s Journal edited by me, Mike Lennon, and Susan Mailer.[1] We are featured in the editor’s introduction and included in the issue’s showcased articles.

This is the perfect birthday present—exactly what I wanted. Thanks to the TLS. Unfortunately, exclusivity comes at a price, and the whole article is behind a paywall, but the introduction—part of which you can see—was mostly written by yours truly. The Norman Mailer Society will publish a limited edition of the journal early next year for Mailer’s centennial year, which we are finishing up now. However, using this push from TLS, we are going to start shopping Lipton’s around for publication by a university press. We think we have something good.

8/24 Update
Our publication by the TLS has been mentioned by Middle State University’s InsideMGA publication: “English Professor Published in the Times Literary Supplement.” Despite the formatting errors, I’m glad to have some recognition by the university. Thanks!

9/1 Update
The whole piece has been posted on Mike’s web site. Check it out.


  1. Mailer, Norman (19 August 2022). Lennon, J. Michael; Lucas, Gerald R.; Mailer, Susan, eds. "Saint and Psychopath". Times Literary Supplement. 6229/6230: 14–15. Retrieved 2022-08-18.