September 8, 2021

From Gerald R. Lucas

More Blake and LW covid-19: day 544 | US: GA | info | act

For the last couple of days, I’ve been working on more Blake poems. It’s time-consuming to do it correctly, but I enjoy it. I’ve got to move on to other poets, though. I have to say: I’m enjoying reading his work and about him: his poetry is a lot more subversive than I ever knew.

My students had their first LitWiki assignments due yesterday, and they’re still not getting it. I think I made certain assumptions about their abilities that were incorrect. I even had three out of ten absent, like that will make it better. So, I gave them a specific assignment—an annotated bibliography entry—to finish for Friday, figuring that will be a good first project that we can then build on for the rest of the semester. We’ll see.

I have to start grading my World Literature online unit, too. Talk about time-consuming.

I started season five of Rick and Morty this evening after my last meetings. Mr. Nimbus! This show cracks me up. I know when I’m finished with this season, I’ll be caught up, so I’ll have to start the series over.