October 9, 2021

From Gerald R. Lucas

Home Improvements covid-19: day 565 | US: GA | info | act

Autumn and I closed on our line of home equity credit yesterday morning at Robins Credit Union. We have several projects lined up, and one already in-progress: the patio. We had the rotting part of the deck removed, and it will all be replaced with concrete It will be a pretty significant upgrade for the back yard. They have already demoed the deck and angled off the side we’re keeping. All of the sandy areas in the second two photos will be concrete.

We’re working with Andy at Expert Renovation Services, and so far, so good. Now that we closed on our loan, Autumn, like a lottery winner, is in spending/upgrade mode. We’ll also talking with a company to make us an iron gate. Next, the bathroom and a few other minor upgrades.