November 25, 2021

From Gerald R. Lucas

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Oh, yeah, babe! Happy thanksgiving, everyone. Today, I got up too early, but I had all the stuff to work on a Raspberry Pi project: making a travel router. I had an extra Pi just sitting here doing nothing, so why not. I have been wanting to try OpenWrt for a while, so this gives me an excellent opportunity. It was pretty straightforward thanks to Network Chuck. He used NordVPN, but I set it up with my trusty Private Internet Access. I had a couple of errors running some of his scripts, but everything seems to be working.

I’ve been meaning to replace my aging Apple base station, so I ordered an OpenWrt router. It should be here tomorrow. My home network is not too complicated, but I need to be sure my two integral Pis are doing their things uninterrupted. It should go pretty well. I’ll report back.

Oh, and we’re spending this year at home, since COVID is still a thing, though you wouldn’t know it by the idiots around here. We got a turkey breast from Trader Joe’s, and we’re also having mac and cheese, carrots, spinach, twice-baked potatoes, and probably multiple beers. I hope everyone is happy and healthy.

Also, congrats to Elaina and Travis on the birth of their son Caz on Tuesday. I look forward to meeting the little liberal.