October 24, 2021

From Gerald R. Lucas

Enlarged Boot Drive covid-19: day 572 | US: GA | info | act

My Raspberry Pi that runs some crucial services was running out of space. I purchased a bigger SD card (64 GBs might be overkill, but it was cheap and is quite an upgrade from the 16 GB card I was using before) and did the update today. It takes much longer than it should, but my Pi now has much more space for the stuff and things to do what it needs to do.

I thought there would be a quick-to-find-and-follow tutorial. However, I found several that didn’t work, before running into Lee’s “How to Backup & Clone a Raspberry Pi SD Card on macOS the Easy Way.” Yes, it was easy, but it literally took several hours. I even took a run while it was writing the system to the new card, and it still wasn’t finished after an hour.

I’ve been wanting to do more homelab stuff lately, but I don’t really have a project. Still I have a couple of SSDs sitting around, so I might add one to a Pi to upgrade its speed and reliability. Maybe a UPS, or a new fan. New case? Oh, how about a Pi router? That might be fun. Maybe all of these? If I had but world enough and time.

Speaking of upgrades: macOS Monterey is out tomorrow. Sweet.