August 9, 2021

From Gerald R. Lucas

Convocation COVID covid-19: day 515 | US: GA | info | act


Despite, or in spite, of the pandemic again rearing its head like a Sphinx in Thebes, MGA had its convocation today. Face-to-face. In pretty tight quarters. With little to no social distancing and voluntary masking. Oh, yeah, it set the stage for a good year and almost had me sending an envoy to Tiresias. There were some cool #ArmorUp notices posted throughout the campus, but I wish we were taking this Delta outbreak more seriously than some signs. It’s worse now (15% case rate as of today in Bibb County) than it was this time last year or in January. 10% is supposed to be lock-down.

The coolest part of the day was when Autumn was recognized with a staff “Champion” Award. We were self-isolating in the balcony, so if took her a minute to get to the stage. I’m happy for her: she certainly deserves it, and I’m happy to see that her colleagues recognize her devotion to the university. Way to go, babe!

The new provost called on all of us to reach out to at least one student during these first days of class. He suggests that this small effort on our part could have a profound impact on someone’s college success and future. I agree, and I will make that effort.

I’m still struggling with how I want to run my ENGL 2122 class, but all of my other syllabi are finished. At least I have some more time with this one.