March 22, 2021

From Gerald R. Lucas

Old Holga Film covid-19: day 364 | US: GA | info | act

I thought the film I had kinda forgotten at Coke’s was only a few years old, but it turns out, it was much older—like over ten years. Giles finished scanning the what appears to be very degraded negatives—likely from sitting in a drawer for years even before I took them to be developed. Most look like crap. These are the best of the bunch—four rolls worth in no particular order.

Some, I’m able to figure out when they were taken, like the second image. That’s Autumn’s high-school friend Kelly with her then-fiancé Chris. We did an engagement session for them on July 6, 2007. So, there is about a decade between when I took the shot and when the film was developed on March 17, 2017. I bet most of these were taken in the summer of 2007. Wow.

That means the film in my Holga currently is going to look terrible. LOL. Many thanks to Giles for his efforts at restoring these images. Lesson learned: if you’re going to play with film, do it in a more timely manner.