April 14, 2021

From Gerald R. Lucas

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I received the page proofs from Routledge for my article being published in the upcoming Norman Mailer in Context. How exciting. I began reading them, and I’m really not that pleased with my writing. My article seems a bit repetitive and in need of some stylistic revision, but I think it gets to the heart of the matter: the political resonance of Norman Mailer. It’s the last chapter in the book, so I guess that’s a good position to have?

I need to get to work on my short story article. At least I have until October to finish it.

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Tonight, I dropped a frying pan on my left foot, almost breaking the bone of my middle toe. It’s already swollen up, and the skin is broken where the edge of the pan hit. Great, there goes running—and maybe even walking—for who-knows-how-long.