March 16, 2021

From Gerald R. Lucas

Eye Appointment covid-19: day 358 | US: GA | info | act

I had my yearly eye exam this afternoon and ordered some new glasses. I’m not sure my prescription ever changes that much—I’m still wearing glasses from a prescription from 2017 or 2018—but I wanted some new, lighter frames. The exam went fine, but the doctor informed me that I have a freckle—medically known as a nevus—on the cornea of my left eye. Apparently these can pop up on any part of your body that has pigment. He even grabbed a photo of it. I wonder if it should worry me? He also said I might have the beginning of a cataract—also in my left eye. He tried to assure me that this was very normal and “nothing to worry about.” Yes, I could hear the implied “yet.”

My one good eye is beginning to fail, I think. Most of what I enjoy in life depends on eyesight: reading, photography, motorcycling are the main ones. I honestly wonder how much longer I will be able to enjoy them.