September 10, 2021

From Gerald R. Lucas

Insanity covid-19: day 546 | US: GA | info | act

Despite Ongoing Calls For Mask Mandate, Regents Make No Policy Change At Board Meeting.” I just can’t even. And:

Gov. Kemp calls president’s newest COVID-19 vaccination plan ‘blatantly unlawful overreach’.” WTF?! Your base must be so proud, “Governor” Kemp.

The New York Times reports that “Hospitalization rates remain at or near record levels in some Southern states,” but by all means “Governor,” let’s not upset any anti-maskers/vaxxers.

Meanwhile, despite the new Provost’s erroneous claim (in a 9/3 email) that “we see little on-campus COVID transmission and virtually no transmission within the classrooms,” I have already had two confirmed cases of COVID, one in each of my two face-to-face classes—classes in which several people tacitly refuse to wear a mask even though I request it everyday for the sake of my young son who cannot get vaccinated. What kind of monsters remain so obdurate about their freedom when our children are still at risk?

Folks, if it were just yourselves you were putting at risk, then I would be all for your “freedom.” Yet, we live in a society that sometimes requires us to put our selfish desires aside for the good of everyone. Why do I even have to say this?

Is this what we are: just a nation of entitled, selfish, arrogant, stubborn assholes?