April 28, 2021

From Gerald R. Lucas

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This is the first shot from the Olympus OM-2N 📷 on Lomography 400 🎞 through the Zuiko 1.8/50, and it’s great, IMHO. Many of the photos are excellent—no all, but most. I am very pleased with both the Pentax 67 and the Olympus. I just wish film and processing weren’t so damn expensive.

I received two rolls of 120 shot with the 67 and one roll of 35mm. They both had photos from the photo-drive Giles and I did and some random shots from around the house. In all, a good haul. I have three more rolls ready to send—I‘m just trying to finish up a roll in the OM-2. Here’s another of Henry with his Lego camera:


The light burn is from when I opened the back of the camera to remove the film which hadn’t quite rewound completely. I think I biffed the first few photos. Still, this shot is cool.

More film goodness to come. . .