October 23, 2021

From Gerald R. Lucas

Stolen GS covid-19: day 571 | US: GA | info | act

From what might be my last trip on the GS. Somewhere in Florida.

Some piece-of-shit fuckward stole my BMW R 1200 GS last night. Seriously, some jerk—likely jerks—came into my yard last night and pinched my motorcycle. I know this is indelicate: but I hope they get cancer in their tenderest parts. OK, maybe that’s going a bit overboard, as this is just a motorcycle, but the nerve of these assclowns is infuriating, and I’m pissed off.

I noticed it missing after I returned from the store a little whole ago. The gate was open, and the GS was missing. I still can’t believe it. I filed a police report and an insurance claim. I guess that’s all I can do at present. I’m a bit hot, but that won’t help. It was probably someone familiar with the area—someone who has driven by and seen the GS parked under the carport in back. I can’t believe it was just a random thing. Yes, we live around criminals, I guess.

Seriously, how are they even going to start the damn thing without a key? Everything is so electronic these days, and my GS had keyless operation. Maybe they’re already breaking it down for parts since, seriously, what else will they be able to do with it? It irritates me that I might have taken my last ride on my GS.

The Macon police are supposed to get back with me about the investigation. More later, I guess. This is just what I needed right now.