January 6, 2021

From Gerald R. Lucas

Terrorism in DC covid-19: day 289 | US: GA | info | act


’Rump supporters attacked the capitol building in DC today, after a planned rally incensed a misinformed and violent mob to try to stop the counting of electoral votes by the Congress. This event seems a predictable ending to a failed presidency for the worst person to have held the office in my lifetime—maybe all time. He is guilty of sedition and should be removed right now,[1][2] but that won’t happen, so I only hope he is prosecuted when he again becomes a private citizen in under two weeks. He and his loyal enablers need to pay for the damage they have done and will continue to do to this country. While many of us have known the dangers of ’Rump for years,[3] the consequences of his lies has finally manifest into something that cannot be ignored, even by the most stubborn of us, I hope. Maybe this will be the turning point in our divided America.

Speaking of turning points: in good news, Georgia elected Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock to the Senate yesterday, thanks again to black voters. (Seriously, white voters, what the hell?) The best part about this victory is the removal of McConnell as majority leader. While I’m not optimistic about progressive legislation, at least some progress can now be made. They just may have to get rid of the filibuster first.


  1. Yeah, these Republicans only react when they are physically in danger. Pathetic. It just seems late in the day to be coming to your senses. Seriously, the only people who could still support this guy are true right-wing nuts—fascists who have no respect for democratic ideals anyway.
  2. Some sort of censure is important at this point, if only to stop ’Rump from ever running for president again. Bret Stephens writes in the New York Times: “The duty of the House of Representatives and the Senate, once they certify Joe Biden’s election, is to reconvene, Wednesday night if possible, to impeach the president and then remove him from office and bar him from ever holding office again.”
  3. Brett Stephens again: “From the moment Trump became the G.O.P. front-runner in 2015, it was obvious who he was and where, if given the chance, he would take America. He was a malignant narcissist in his person. A fraudster in his businesses. A bully in his relationships. And a demagogue in his politics.”