May 21, 2021

From Gerald R. Lucas


Autumn and I looked at a couple of Hondas today: the Pilot and the Passport. We drove both, and Autumn liked the former while I liked the latter—it seemed a bit sportier to me. The Pilot seemed more comfortable, but both are nice SUVs. Honda has come a long way since I owned my last Accord. They also had a CR-V hybrid on the lot that I liked a lot. I may have to go back and drive it. They also have an Accord hybrid now that looks really nice—and it gets 48 mpg city and highway. Wow.

We may go back tomorrow to see if they can put together a deal. I still think we should also consider an Odyssey, but that’s a hard sell for Autumn for some reason.

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Here’s an awesome frog Henry created in school yesterday.