September 28, 2021

From Gerald R. Lucas

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Maybe even worse today.

My finger still freakin’ hurts today, and I think it’s even more swollen. Yellowjacket stings are no joke. I’m even having difficulty typing this. I seem to run afoul of some kind of wasp every year, but these little yellow-and-black bitches are the worst. All part of God’s plan, right? Which day did He create the Yellowjacket to sting the shit out of me? Man, am I a wimp or what?

It’s hard to get motivated today. I have much to do, but no will yet. It didn’t help that I had a dentist appointment right in the middle of the morning, but at least my teeth feel better. Also, I feel fat today. Grumble.

On the positive side: the crew started on our new patio today, and we close on our home equity line of credit next week. Fun, but stressful. I hope this all goes well. All of the open space visible in the photo will be concrete soon, and a step made out of reclaimed brick will lead up to the French doors. It had to be done as all of the deck boards were rotting. Andy, the contractor, even told me it looks like they used some wood that had not been treated. Figures.