April 9, 2021

From Gerald R. Lucas

Scan Day covid-19: day 382 | US: GA | info | act

After getting my second does of the Pfizer vaccine, I was waiting for my lunch when I received the email notification that my film has been processed and scanned. The images were waiting for me. That was exciting—I could finally see how those shots came out on the 13-year-old film that had been sitting in the Holga all that time. I was not too sanguine based on my recent experience, but I’m happy to say that Indie Film Lab did a stellar job.

Would you look at that goodness? This just shows you what a professional lab can do. I really think Coke’s is just incompetent when it comes to black and white film. This is my favorite shot from the roll—out of which 9 photos were developed. I knew there would be a couple missing from the beginning (I took the back off of the Holga, like a dolt), so I am damn impressed with the results. In fact, Autumn and I liked this shot so much, we ordered a 5x5 print to give to Adeline for her upcoming birthday.

The darker photo of Autumn makes me realize that I need to give the Holga a bit more consideration when using it. I think if I had just gotten out the Rotolight Neo on such a stormy day, this photo would have been much better. The second image was taken on a sunny day.

Still, I am impressed at these results, and they make me even more excited to see some from the Pentax 67. Maybe next week.