July 30, 2021

From Gerald R. Lucas

LitWiki Rebirth

LitWiki, my original install of MediaWiki for teaching, has been resurrected. I purchased a domain name and did all the updates to my old LitWiki. It’s been dusted off and now has a fresh new coat of paint, and I have many new ideas for using it in all of my English courses, both upper-level and core. There’s still a lot of old stuff that needs attention, but my experience with MediaWiki has prepared me to use this software for more effective teaching. I think, above all, that it will allow students to develop a literacy for wiki writing without the added stress of Wikipedia’s many rules and regulations. I figure that excellent additions to this site can be posted to Wikipedia, if they fit.

I have a lot of more work to do to set this server up, including writing instructions here. More on this soon.