August 17, 2021

From Gerald R. Lucas

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I finished the second novella in Martha WellsMurderbot Diaries, Artifical Condition, and might have enjoyed it more than the first. So, I began the third one, Rogue Protocol, this evening. They are entertaining and just what I need before bed. I planned on just reading this third novella and moving on to something else, but apparently the fourth novella wraps up the story arch, so I’ll likely finish it. I guess that will complete my summer of women sf authors. I thought I’d get to more...

Next, I think I’ll start Peter F. Hamilton’s Commonwealth Saga. This guy has solid reader reviews, and some (more, good) space opera would be welcome.

More work with D2L today. My session section of ENGL 2122 is almost complete. Then, I hope to start my Mailer paper in earnest.