July 21, 2021

From Gerald R. Lucas

WritDM Student Feedback

I received this feedback on one of my WritDM student’s final check-in. I thought I’d share:

I've learned a lot about myself through this course (surprisingly). I've learned that I'm not bad at working with other people, and my ability to be proactive and reach out to people has also gotten better, but as you know it's also highlighted some of my weaknesses, particularly with the simple task of reading instructions properly. I find myself often times reading the first sentence or two and then thinking I know it, but I need to train myself some more to actually read the entire passage slowly and make sure I comprehend it properly. As for writing and verbalization, I've already thought of myself as a pretty solid writer and vocalizer when it comes to my ideas, and this course has certainly sharpened those skills more to where I actually feel confident in my ability to describe things in words to people, be it in a casual conversation or a formal writing environment.