May 24, 2021

From Gerald R. Lucas


Well, that was interesting. And by “interesting,” I mean dreadful. I’m thankful it’s past me now, especially the 12 hours leading up to the procedure that are vivid in my memory, but the actual colonoscopy I don’t remember at all. The crap I had to drink flushed me out, like a plumber’s snake through an old pipe. So much came out, I feel like I have a whole new GI track. I got to know the guest bathroom pretty intimately, as I spent much of the night and morning purging my insides. So now, I’m sore and a bit loopy, but I’ve made it through the other side. Other than the two polyps, everything looked fine. Hopefully that means I won’t need to repeat this experience anytime soon. Hopefully by butthole will forgive the intrusion.