August 14, 2021

From Gerald R. Lucas

A Day of Coleridge covid-19: day 520 | US: GA | info | act

Kubla Khan” started the morning, and then I readThe Rime of the Ancient Marnier.” Even though I dated it as yesterday’s journal entry, I did most of the work on posting and commenting on “Kubla Khan” this morning. I could do more. Much more. The idea is to give my students just enough of an idea about how to get their heads around the poem, but not too much to ruin their own interpretations. I really enjoy posting these poems and writing the notes. It gives me a fun way to go back through them and also teach them at the same time. I can always go back and add more notes, too. I have a stack of secondary criticism for the Romantic poets in my office that could make strong additions to these poems I plan to post.

I also worked some more on my ENGL 2122 course on D2L. Once again I must thank Norton for its excellent resources.