May 23, 2021

From Gerald R. Lucas

2021 Honda Accord Hybrid

Yes, I know. I’m capricious. After Autumn and I looked at SUVs for her on Friday, I did some research and decided to go test drive an Accord Hybrid, after seeing all the stellar ratings and inclusions on best lists. I assured Autumn, “No, I’m just looking.” She smiled and said, “If you buy a new car, just makes sure you get everything out of the Audi.” “I’m only looking,” I insisted. Well, four hours later, I had a new hybrid Accord in Radiant Red. And it’s a beauty.

Since I could not really get an EV in central Georgia yet, I thought a hybrid would be a great first step. And this car gets 48 mpg in the city and highway. Jennifer, my excellent salesperson, told me I could expect better if I don’t have a lead foot.

This car is quite an upgrade for me. It has everything my BMW 328i had, except the head-up display. Additionally, I get Car Play—something I’ve wanted for years. It also has a wireless charging matt for my iPhone. Speaking of my BMW, this car has that feel. Its engine is not quite what the 328i had, but the Accord is solid and comfortable—maybe even beating the 328.

The red is a bit different for me, too, considering my last two cars were white. I like it though: it reminds me of the classic candy-apple red I use to dream of for a Beetle. The interior is also lovely. I would have preferred a color more like my BMW’s, the ivory interior is classy.

Even though it was somewhat of an impulse decision, I think I made a good one. It costs a bit more than my Audi, but insurance went down, and I will be spending less on gas. I think for a few extra dollars a month, it’s worth it.