October 26, 2021

From Gerald R. Lucas

Insurance covid-19: day 573 | US: GA | info | act

I talked with the Progressive insurance adjuster about my stolen BMW R 1200 GS claim today. She asked a few questions and requested some photos. She said that claims like this usually pay out in 10 days, and I already had five down. I asked what would happen if the bike were recovered. She explained that it would belong to Progressive and would be put up for auction. “Most owners,” she said, “usually don’t want them back anyway, because they’re, uh . . .”

“Tainted?” I helped.

“Yes, that’s a good word: ‘tainted.

She said if that were to happen, they would inform me where and when the auction would occur.

“So, I should begin looking for a replacement,” I asked.

“Yes.” She sent some forms for me to complete online, and that was that. I have to pay the $1000 deductible, but this bike should be worth $14K, still. I owe $7.5 to BMW, but why do I feel I’ll be lucky to get $5K? Probably less.

I’m ambivalent right now about replacing the bike. Having an extra $500+ a month would sure come in handy, especially for the house upgrades we’re doing.