September 3, 2021

From Gerald R. Lucas

Happy Birthday, Henry!

Happy birthday, my little dude! Six years old! Another year around the sun, and I truly think that I’ve seen more growth in you this year than any in the past. You’re funny, curious, enthusiastic. You’re doing well in school, with reading, writing, and math, and you get along with everyone. I don’t really understand this new Yoshi thing, but that’s OK: you do you, and I’ll support you with whatever to take a liking to.

Speaking of which, I gave you a digital camera for your birthday—one that your grandmother Sharon gave to me—and I’m pretty psyched to see what you can do with it. You had a bit of trouble today getting it to focus and fire, but I think you’ll get the hang of it. Oh, and I got some color film for the Pentax 67 📷, so remember we want to do a portrait session for your birthday. (Images coming soon.)

I love you, Henry. I wish the world were a bit better for you right now, but hang in there and keep wearing your mask. This can’t last forever.

My advice for you this year: don’t be angry or bitter; build bridges, not walls. Life is so much better when you reach out to people who you might disagree with, rather than shut them out, or worse, try to hurt them. We are here together, like it or not, so we have to do our best to empathize and be kind and understanding.

You’re the best, kid. Keep being that way.


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