December 17, 2021

From Gerald R. Lucas

Unproductive Week at the Year’s End covid-19: day 630 | US: GA | info | act

I drove home on Tuesday, and I’d like to say I’ve gotten a lot done since then, but I have not. I registered my new BMW R 1200 GS with Georgia, and it cost me $1300! Merry fucking Xmas. There goes my TV upgrade I was planning. Other highlights: I picked up some bagels from the new Macon Bagels, and they were pretty good. I updated LitWiki and Project Mailer to the latest version of MediaWiki; this site needs an update, but it always breaks with this skin. Still I’m falling behind on that. I updated my switch, and I’m still awaiting my Raspberry Pi router from China—maybe by March. I’ve been eating too much, so I’ve gained “holiday” weight. The state of Georgia has essentially eliminated tenure, so I guess I better watch what I write from now on. It seems this move is just the latest, predictable part of the right-wing, anti-intellectual movement in this country. At least we can hope the USG will turn around if Stacey Abrams is elected governor. Man, where did this year go?