September 2, 2019

From Gerald R. Lucas

16:8 & Bitwarden

I decided to try a 16:8 fast this week, to try to get my metabolism back to where it should be. Maybe I can do the three days of 36-hour fasting next week.

I watched a few videos about keto last night, and I don't think I can do that kind of diet long-term. I say this because my OTF workout on Sunday was much easier than it has been. I attribute this to all the sugar I had on Saturday for my cheat day. Days that I have been burning fat for fuel have been much harder. Yes, I assume I'd get used to it, but I think I'd have to say good-bye to my sugary (floury) cheat days. I'd say I'm pretty keto during the week anyway, but I still think Tim Ferriss' slow-carb approach fits me best. (Though who knows these days since I can't take off any weight.)

However, I'm going to try the intermittent fasting with slow-carb.

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Next, I found what appears to be an excellent, cross-platform, open-source password vault: Bitwarden. This appears to have all of the features of Dashlane, but with better Linux support. So far, it also doesn't appear as buggy as Dashlane. (My major gripe with Dashlane is that it works sometimes, doesn't sometimes, and works too well others. By "too well," I mean it logs me in quickly without prompting. This might be a setting somewhere, but I'm not going to look for it.)

Bitwarden is my new default password manager. It seems to just work. That's what I want.

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I've also been trying out two new browsers: Vivaldi and Brave — both based on Chromium.[1] The former had Bing as it's default search engine (!) and the latter uses some kind of ad recommendation service where you can earn points or something. I'll be playing with both over the next few weeks.


  1. BTW, some of these applications I've found on No More Google — a pretty good resource. Most of the apps that people suggest are very Linux-friendly.