July 19, 2019

From Gerald R. Lucas

Recent feedback sent to American Express

Wow, you guys are usually great, but the last three times I've contacted you, there have been major mess-ups. The first guy (I knew I should have written his name down), on July 15, was more interested in upgrading me to a Gold card than helping with my issue. He promised that AMEX would NOT try to draft the $1500 that had insufficient funds; because I planned to send more. I did send more, but the $1500 was drafted. So my next communication was with your chat feature — someone named "Love." You should just look at the transcript. As a result of miscommunication, rather than stopping the subsequent payment, she sent me back $500!? Finally, July 18, Brian said there was nothing he could do to stop AMEX from trying to get the $2500 out of my account again. Really?! He suggested I talk with my bank. All of this is unacceptable, leaving me to pay more interest as I wait for my account to catch up before I attempt to make another payment — plus who knows how many overdraft fees I'll be responsible for now. I'm really not sure how things could go so awry, but I hope to never have to call customer service again. Thank you for your time.