February 3, 2019

From Gerald R. Lucas

Even though the Scrambler is dirty, I still had a beautiful sunset ride today. What a great way to have spent a Sunday evening.

Autumn and Henry drove down to her parents’ house, and I followed on the motorcycle. Spencer was home for a few days, so Cheryl invited everyone for dinner. I wasn’t able to stay, since I wanted to ride home before the dark/cold set in. The temperature dropped with the sun, but I had a pretty good two hours in the saddle, and I probably covered a good 70 miles or so.

I was pretty cold after getting home, but some soup and bourbon warmed my up quickly. I watched the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery and decided that I can do without Klingons. That said, the show has really been strong so far this season. Oh, and it seems obvious now what the Georgiou spin-off will be.