February 8, 2019

From Gerald R. Lucas

My BMW 328i is in the shop today for its scheduled maintenance, and they gave me a 2019 530i as a loaner. Wow, what a car. It makes my 328 look puny and unsophisticated. Everything about this car is better. From the digital dash to the seats — it just exudes luxury. The only thing my 328 has over this 530 is the HUD, but I assume that’s probably better on an equipped 5-series, too.

Too bad I’d never be able to afford one. It just makes me want to drive an X5. I know I’d love it.


I wrote my annual self evaluation for 2018 after our Graduate Studies Council meeting this morning. I completed it in about two hours. It really helps if I keep notes during the year. I think I’ll use this journal for doing that, with a portfolio category. Why not?

It’s funny: I never think I have much to report, but when I sit down to do it, I surprise myself at how much I’ve done.