February 5, 2019

From Gerald R. Lucas

I took some time after lunch to go back to BMW and scrutinize the i3 further. Two features it lacks: keyless entry and a backup camera — two things I’ve gotten used to with my 328i. Also, it has the Mega World trim with no Eucalyptus wood on the dash — a feature I’d like to have — optional with Giga World or Tera World. The tires, too, will need replacing in the near future. I tried the stereo by plugging my iPhone in, and it sounded pretty decent.

I drove the car again, and I really do like the handling. Its suspension is more sporty than I realized at first — not helped by the 20" wheels, but the whole experience is BMW-like in its solidity. The car feels substantial, even on the interstate. I told the salesman that I would get back to them soon. The final offer was getting there, but since this does not have everything I want, I’m going to have to pay less.

I watched the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead after dinner. I was a bit buzzed, since Donald come over with a bottle, and I can’t seem to say no to bourbon. I might have to watch it again.