January 10, 2019

From Gerald R. Lucas

I discovered a pretty awesome piece of software today: CloudMounter. Simply and elegantly it mounts your cloud services like they were volumes on your LAN. So I have my main Dropbox account automagically sync, and I can mount my drives for my two Box accounts, my two other Dropbox accounts, and my OneDrive account. It supports others, like Backblaze, so it's a pretty rad piece of software. And it's pretty darn fast. Finally I can consolidate my cloud drives easily. Currently, Cult of Mac has it on special.

I’ve started porting my New Media writings. I have quite a bit scattered here and there. I came up with the idea of putting key terms at the top of each post to give students something to target initially. I know I have questions to port, too.

I started Killing Eve today at lunch. The first episode was clever and funny. The protagonist’s name is Eve, but I wonder if the title is a mythical allusion, too. We’ll see.

Keeping with yesterday’s photos of my grandparents, here are three with me and Grandpa Oscar Rahe taken at our house in Kentucky in the early 70s.