February 22, 2019

From Gerald R. Lucas

Marchers Get High Rating

1987-Band Article.jpg

I know I'm a bit late for Throw-Back Thursday, but this is cool. It’s likely from the fall (December?) of 1986 and from the Bradenton Herald:

Marchers Get High Rating

Music is in the air at Bayshore High School. The Bayshore Marching Band recently scored a straight superior rating during the district marching festival at Riverview High School. The Bayshore Orchestra hosted and participated in the Regional Orchestra Festival held at Neel Auditorium on Nov. 22, where they received a straight superior rating as well.

Nine Bayshore students have been selected to participate in the 1987 All-State Orchestra and Jazz Ensemble to be held in Tampa on Jan. 7-10. These special music students are: Eva Berkes, violin; Billie Bradbury, viola; Jason Johns, bass; Caroline Prince, cello; Joel Simmons, violin; Bill Thompson, bass; Judy Thompson, violin; Shannon Whitfield, bass; and Carmen Russo, trombone.

Seven students have been selected to perform in today’s Festival of Winds program in Tampa: Russo, D'Arch Brann,[1] Mark Brewer, Charlie Burke, Jerry Lucas, Chris Padgett, and Ken Turner.


  1. It’s actually D’Arcy Brann. I’m sure she got that all the time. 😂