August 4, 2019

From Gerald R. Lucas

Fast and Afternoon Ride

I had a pleasant Sunday. I slept in and spent the morning with Autumn and Henry. They went to meet some of Autumn’s friends for lunch before going to Autumn’s parents’ house for swimming and family time.

I went to a later OTF class at 1:30, and it was good. It’s probably good to mix it up occasionally, anyway.

I washed the Audi. When I got home, the motorcycle called me: “let’s eat a few miles.” We did. It was an excellent afternoon for a ride.

I returned home, showered, and watched a few videos about trimming and styling my beard. I did that, following approaches that seemed logical, but my results seem mixed. I might have to visit a barber.

Finally, I haven’t eaten all day. Just water (and a cup of coffee this morning). I’ve watched a few videos about ketosis, and one that suggests trying to eat just one meal a day. Well, I’ve always had the most success with more extreme diets, so after a day of fasting, I’ll have dinner tomorrow night. I’m going to see if I can do this all week. Today was not that difficult — even having no alcohol.

In fact, alcohol has not been as enjoyable in the last few months. Maybe I just need a break? Beer just makes me bloated, and bourbon just isn’t doing it for me either. I think I’ll take this week off from alcohol, too. Maybe with Saturday’s dinner, I’ll have a beer.