February 2, 2019

From Gerald R. Lucas
2015 BMW i3.

Another cheat day, another great pizza. Autumn made her pickle pizza again: an Alfredo base, Claussen dill pickles, and a mozzarella/provolone cheese mix. I made a Buffalo chicken pizza: Alfredo and red sauce, Publix chicken tenders, my homemade Slayer sauce (garlic, butter, Texas Pete), and cheese. Both were great.

I test drove a BMW i3 today that BMW of Macon had on their lot. It’s a 2015 range-extended version in white. That car is a lot of fun — and it’s really what I wanted when I leased my 328i a few yeas ago. It might be time to try the electric car route again. This particular one does not appear to have the Parking Assist Package, so it will not have a backup camera. However, I think it checks all the other boxes. It looks like I could purchase it and decrease my monthly payments. It is tempting, but it would probably be smarter to wait until my 328’s lease is up to get a better deal.

I’m not good at waiting.