February 15, 2019

From Gerald R. Lucas

Random Stuff and Baby Album

I picked up a class at OTF this morning. Man, I have to do something about this added weight.

Continued to work on the first volume of the pm:Mailer Review. I hope to have it posted by the end of the weekend, though the bibliography might take some time.

OK, pages four and five of the baby album. We appear to be at a baptism: the beginning of my long illustrious relationship with the Catholic church. I see Grandpa and Grandma Rahe, Ken and Gail Mahon, but not Mom. I assume Dad is taking the photos.

Mom says: “These are your Baptism and your God parent, Aunt Gail and Charlie Rouse. I can’t remember the name of the Church. The people in the back, on the right (were) your dad’s best friends the Slukeages; Dad’s collage friends. My mom and dad are on the left. You see Mom and Dad holding up the wall and a party in the back yard of our apt on Grand Ave. in Ft. Thomas.”