August 1, 2019

From Gerald R. Lucas

Audi Call

Leica M and Voightländer Nokton 40mm f/1.4

I spoke with Audi USA today about my small car issues: basically I can’t get Audi Connect working, my navigation maps are out of date, and I need a spare key (who turns in a car with only one key? I hope she got charged). The first issues was easily solved: they’re sending me a new SIM. The second one is a bit more of a problem. It seems that my car can only hold (accept?) a certain amount of updates. Period. It’s a limitation of the software, or something. She told me Audi is working on a fix. I hope they are, but I will not hold my breath. Too bad; I’d really like to use the nav, but no biggie. I guess I’ll just get a Clearmount phone mount and Cradle Charger (since it seems, too, that SiriusXM is never going to get traffic working on my car).

It appears that I’m going have to go through a dealer to get a spare key. I wonder what that will cost? I called Audi of South Atlanta, but had to leave a message. Supposedly, he’ll get back with me in “less than twenty-four hours.” I hope so.

Still dealing with the fallout from Simple ending bill pay. Man, once you send money to a company, good luck getting it back. That’s all I’ll say about that.