January 9, 2019

From Gerald R. Lucas
My Grandparents

The first day of classes went pretty smoothly. Only about half (out of 7) of my New Media course even showed up. That’s not good. At least it was easy to learn their names. Smaller classes always have an interesting dynamic. The World Lit class seems rather typical, though this time I’m in another building with a view of the lake.

I finished season 2 of Marcella last night. Based on where Marcella is at the end, season 3 is going to be interesting.

After school, Henry and I collected wood and yard debris for the fire pit, so it was ready for when Autumn got home. I also lit the Big Green Egg for some chicken breasts. We had a nice evening.

Today’s photo is of my mother’s parents, Gertrude and Oscar Rahe. I do not know when this photo was taken — I’m guessing late-60s — but my grandmother always looks the same in every photo: slightly displeased. Oscar looks like a guy I’d like to have known better. According to Mom, this photo was taken at her wedding to my Dad in 1969.