February 17, 2019

From Gerald R. Lucas

More Baby

Sunday. I’m giving tow exams tomorrow which I have yet to write. After that, the grading. Midterm has come upon us quickly. That means spring break is just around the corner. Last year, we went to Ohio, and we’ve talked about maybe spending a couple of days in Asheville, NC this year.

Baby album, page seven. More feeding, and one where Mom appears to be standing with me in a freshly-cleared field.

Mom says: “The third group of pictures are at our apartment on Grand Ave.[1] The last four are taken on Kimberly Lane in Ft. Thomas, KY.[2] We moved in when you were about 6/7 months old. Our house overlooked Cincinnati if you looked hard enough.”


  1. Mom: “We lived under a curtain maker. Noisy. The hospital you and Tim were born in, St. Luke, was on Grand Ave., too.”
  2. That's 63 W Kimberley Drive, Ft. Thomas, KY. Mom: “The prettiest house on the street. No furniture but a kitchen table and chairs, our bedroom and the downstairs bedroom and your bed. Oh, a couch.”