February 10, 2019

From Gerald R. Lucas

How cool is this? Since I started using Twitter again — gradually with @NormanMailerSoc and @grlucas — I’ve been posting Project Mailer updates to try to get some traffic. Well, I tried to post the letters I just ported and Twitter did not recognize the full URL. Easy, I thought, I’ll just use a URL shortener. I have an account on Bitly, so that was a natural choice — BAM!

But that’s not the cool part. I poked around a bit in the preferences, and it turns out Bitly allows free accounts to use a vanity URL for all of their shortened URLs! So, I got prmlr.us — how cool is that?! Yeah, I know, but pm.us was taken. So this:


turns into this:


Which do you like better? Now I just have to come up with a consistent approach to shortening.

It’s a cold, gray day. I think I’ll make chili.

Asterisk-trans.png          Asterisk-trans.png          Asterisk-trans.png

I posted Donald L. Kaufmann’s classic essay “An American Dream: The Singular Nightmare” on Project Mailer.