October 12, 2019

From Gerald R. Lucas


Me, Mike, and our Lucid Award. Not pictured: Donna.

I am so honored and proud to have been a part of the revised edition of Mike and Donna’s Norman Mailer: Works and Days. When Mike first suggested a digital project, we made it happen pretty quickly. However, when he wanted a paper edition, I was a bit less enthusiastic. However, I’m glad we did it. With the help of our awesome book designer, Giles Hoover, I think we created something that will be a real boon for Mailer Studies into the foreseeable future. Obviously, the Lucid Award committee felt the same. For that I am very grateful.

Thanks, too, to Mike and Donna for trusting me with this responsibility and believing in my work. While I do not think that I deserve as much credit as they do, I am proud of my work on this volume. Thanks, too, to Maggie, Nicole, and the rest of the Norman Mailer Society.