June 12, 2019

From Gerald R. Lucas

Updates and A WDM Primer

I updated “Link Logic” and added some sources. I feel like I have to have a page that gives an overview of the important concepts for writing for digital media. I already have “Writing Top Ten,” but I feel I need something that goes over specific strategies, like using headers, usability, and etc. I like Carroll’s book, but I feel like it’s not as well organized as it was in earlier editions. What are the important concepts that new writers for digital media need to know? I feel like it could be an index page that provided useful tips and resources — something that I could incorporate closely into a semester’s syllabus. Something like “A WDM Primer.” Would the students even read it? Probably not.

I guess this is related to (1) the similar difficulties that my WDM students have every semester, and (2) my idea about developing a sort of Wikipedia portal for WDM.

I’m still working on indexing Lipton’s. It’s arduous, and I’m not even half-way through. Still, I have to finish it soon to get on to some other writing projects.