February 26, 2019

From Gerald R. Lucas

Professional Work

We had our learning community meeting today and discussed Dweck’s book. Some interesting perspectives. It looks like we’re going to try to do a round table presentation at the upcoming grad studies conference in May. Maybe I can talk about the course I'm about to teach?

I signed up for Noom today. I’ve got to keep my weight under control; my clothes are all tight and uncomfortable. What happened to me?

So far, the app is a bit silly, but I’ll stick to it at least for the trial. I notice you don’t actually talk with a real person until after the trial is over. Part of starting is weighing myself: I was 177.5 lbs this morning. Man, I was 160 just a couple of months ago. Truly, what is my deal?

Well, I’ll see if this helps.

I continue the work on Project Mailer. I’ve been going through the box Mike sent and am about to order a new scanner! I notice that the entry for Norris Church Mailer needs some work, so this might be one my students’ first assignments. Her entry on PM also needs help.

Whew! Where did February go?