February 4, 2019

From Gerald R. Lucas

I finally created a layout I like for the Project Mailer main page. I reflects that simple page I used to have, only a bit snazzier. I envision a box for each project the site undertakes. I borrowed the look for the News page here.

I’m still considering the BMW i3. Most of the reviews are positive, and I like the idea of switching to electric. I’m just not sure if I’m ready for the potential inconvenience of it. The only way I have currently (HA!) to charge would be a standard 110v outlet which can take up to 20 hours to completely charge the battery. This probably wouldn’t be an issue, since I’ll rarely be draining the battery completely — I normally drive to campus and back (14 miles) and to get Henry and back (6 miles). Sometimes I go to the gym (2 miles) or to Kroger (<1 mile). The most I usually go in a day is less than 30 miles. ⅓ of the battery should charge easily overnight. If anything, I’ll drive less which is a good thing. I also wonder what it will do the the electric bill. Gotta be cheaper than premium gas, right?

The i3 at BMW of Macon would be a great one to buy. However, I just wonder if I’d be able to get a better deal if I wait until my 328i’s lease is up. It would be pretty awesome to get a lower monthly payment for not much less of a car. Decisions, decisions.