January 2, 2019

From Gerald R. Lucas

I have posted many much stuff online. Sorting back through much of it for this web site, I’m getting a bit overwhelmed. I have had several blogs, years of photography, decades of teaching materials, audio, video, and other miscellany. It would take me months working full-time to port it all. So, I’ll try to do at least one thing each day, in addition to posting my daily journal. I actually might just use daily posts as vehicles for my nostalgic trip down digital lane.

I wish MediaWiki had a plugin that would post stuff from the past, like an “On this day . . .” thing. Maybe it does, but I haven’t been able to find it. That said, I still love using MediaWiki for my web site — I discover something cool everyday. For example, today I added this site to Project Mailer’s Interwiki data, so I can use MediaWiki's linking syntax and easily link files on PM and vice versa. So cool. (The link to NM:WD in the next paragraph is an example.)

I’ve still been spending much of my porting efforts on teaching materials — much of which I’ll use this coming spring, so it take precedent. I have not touched NM:WD in a few days, but I plan on having my grad students work on that site this semester.

We had dinner with the Andersons last night for new year’s. Henry loves spending time there — they really do spoil him. It was a fine beginning to 2019. Three more positives: I did not drink last night, I ate correctly, and I had a killer workout at Orange Theory this morning. Now maybe I can watch the Doctor Who special.