February 28, 2019

From Gerald R. Lucas
2019-02-28 OTF.png

Mike at Orange Theory kicked my butt this morning. I was a sweaty pig by the end —  but what else is new? and, I dropped over two pounds literally overnight: my weight this morning was 174.2! That’s usually the rate I gain weight. Go, me.

I’m concerned about my cheat day this weekend, since starting Noom. I think I’ll still have one — I just won’t go all out. After all, I kind of live for cheat day. Just don’t overdo it, Lucas.

I met with the graduate librarian today to see if she could help with my upcoming class. She talked about making some instructional videos and working on getting permissions to post the secondary, full-text content. I’m thinking of calling the project “An American Dream Expanded,” or “AAD in Context.” The latter could be more flexible, as I could get contributors to write support articles. We could even link all of the germane Mailer Review articles, though I’m leaning toward the former. There’s so much, really. I can’t wait to get started on it, though I feel a bit bad that I haven’t finished porting Works and Days yet. I’ll get to it.

Happy last day of February, all. I’m ready for March!