January 5, 2019

From Gerald R. Lucas

I installed the Popups extension this morning, but the images aren't working. Still, it's a pretty cool feature, especially for journal entries. I thought about added the Structured Discussions extension — which seems really cool for talk pages and potentially a place to use for student discussions — but the caveats on the extension’s page scared me off. Besides, I don’t think I need to have other users on this site. It’s mine. Maybe I can find an online forum, like Google Groups (but not Google Groups), to use. I’m kind of tired of forums, though. Maybe I should just use Wikipedia?

I watched more Marcello last night. Is it me, or does this show just keep adding (psycho) characters? Everyone is sinister and seems to have something to hide, including Marcello. It doesn’t help that the camera often looks like it’s coming from the perspective of someone who’s lurking around a corner. There’s a lot going on. Still, I will finish at least this season.