May 5, 2003

From Gerald R. Lucas

Sunday Night

Giles, David, and I hung out last night. We smoked and drank a bit, listened to some music, watched some TV, but mostly just laughed, enjoying each other's company for the first time in a long while. The three of us used to get together fairly often, but I also used to live 350 miles closer, and David used to be free. Still, we had an enjoyable time despite David's insistent look at the clock, phone calls, and emails. David has been in love for a while now—a love that seems to grow stronger despite my early prediction of doom. Is it luck? Is there a trick? Help us out, D.

Today I will probably head back to Reddington Beach for a run and to show my devotion to Sol. . . . Giles just called to say that he took the rest of the day off, so he and I might head to Tampa for our requisite drooling at the Apple Store, browsing through Border’s, and eating at one of our favorite Tampa restaurants.

2003-05-05 20-19-39.jpg

Enjoying my time. Still thinking about riding. Wish you were. Here.